Severe Cyclone Zoe    25 to 31 December 2002



Cyclone Zoe approaching Tikopia Island (marked with an X) on Dec 27 at 2330Z. The Island of Espiritu Santo, in Vanuatu, where I was based throughout Cyclone Zoe and where the plane and helicopter flights were mounted from, is marked also.

Satellite image of the eyewall of Zoe close to the island of Tikopia (marked by an X) on the 28th Dec at 1130Z

 Satellite images courtesy of  Joint Typhoon Warning Centre 


View a large colour satellite picture of Cyclone Zoe from NOAA
Tracking maps and satellite images of Cyclone Zoe from the Joint Typhoon Warning Centre  

Warning 01
Warning 02
Warning 03
Warning 04
Warning 05
Warning 06
Warning 07
Warning 08

Warning 09

Read the Weekend Australian story of my first helicopter landing on Tikopia Island. 


The photos above can be enlarged by clicking on them, the images below cannot, these were taken by me for The Australian newspaper, Paris Match, and Stern magazines and due to the rampant unauthorized use of my Tikopia Island photos these images cannot be displayed on my website in larger versions.


Geoff Mackley, copyright, 11 January 2003.

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