CAT 5 Cyclone Yasi, Queensland - Australia  03 Feb 2011




Radar loop from BOM Australia prepared by Brian Mc Noldy



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Actual Update from 2100hrs Wed 03 Feb 2011

We are weathering the chaos at the Elandra Resort in Mission Beach with about

20 people, they have barricaded themselves in the kitchen, we are having

290k winds thru the foyer and restaurant and we are cut off by fallen trees.

Update from 0400am Thursday 03 Feb 2011:

Our car window has been broken by a flying door

The eye just passed directly over us, we were in the eye for over an hour,

Myself and Bradley Ambrose are safe, the people at the hotel are safe,

we have no idea of how others have fared, people were texting others at

the hotel with messages like " our house is coming apart,  this is serious,

we are fucked"  we cannot go and assist these or any other people for now.

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