West Coast flood event  21-22-23 Nov 2011 NZ

The weather system that caused the mayhem... courtesy MetVUW.com ..these guys get it right every time !


Rough River, Atarau, near Ikamatua   10 am 21 November 2011

Big River, Atarau Road, near Ikamatua   10 am 21 November   2011

This driver thought "Road Closed" didn't apply to him...   SH7 Totara Flat

This road didnt need a sign saying it was closed, the water was 3 metres deep... Stillwater.

Road Closed doesnt apply to truckers... SH7  Totara Flat

I spent some time helping Police with rescues at Totara Flat where they were dogged with problems...

The bridge to Waikiti Downs Station in the Ahura Valley, Westland, was destroyed by a flash flood

yesterday minutes after the school bus passed over it, the driver and pupils stopped after crossing the bridge

to watch the flood and witnessed the bridge being destroyed.... in seconds.

I am the only cameraman to reach the scene.... as usual.

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