Typhoon Sinlaku - Taiwan - September 14    2008


Typhoon Sinlaku approaching Taiwan at 0202z on 11 September  2008.
 Satellite image from Operational Significant Event Imagery

x marks our location during landfall of Typhoon Sinlaku

Satellite image from NRL

Tracking chart from CWB shows the erratic track of Typhoon Sinlaku, despite

that we were still in perfect position for Sinlaku's landfall.

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Under construction  21 Sept...

Actual updates from during Typhoon Sinlaku's landfall:

1030pm, local time, extreme winds and rain setting in now..

1230am, James and I are holed up in the toilets of some sort of

customs post on the wharf, its going ballistic, far to dangerous

 to move, stuff falling everywhere, all on camera of course  -:)

1 40 am,  we are IN the eyewall, absolutely furious chaos

here, we are still in the wharf building, everything that can

fall down already has.... power lines have exploded, the best

of them was the electric rail overhead lines blowing up...

I just love Taiwanese infrastructure,  despite the explosions

the power is still going as are the phones and mobile internet...

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