Expedition to Ambrym Island - Marum Volcano - Vanuatu  December 2009



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Journey to the centre of the earth - Ambrym Expedition Dec 2009

Myself, Gareth Hawken, Bradley Ambrose and Daniel Lacy were helicoptered in to the top of Marum Volcano, a howling gale and heavy rain set in just after the helicopter dropped us up here and we were then confined to the tents for 4 days. Visibility was near to zero.2 Eventually I descended 400m (1200ft) to the bottom of the pit to rig ropes and jumaring back up an exhausting 3 1/2 hrs with the others assisting from the top with a makeshift pulley system in rain and darkness. Bad weather then set in again even worse than before ...Thur 17th December, both equipment tents are trashed in overnight high winds and torrential rain, having much better tents than last time helped a lot, pounded by severe storms and having our campsite hit by a flash flood, the chopper couldnt even get in to extract us,  I had to walk off the mountain for 7 hrs to get help from the villagers who sent 20 people up to carry our gear down to Lalinda Village the following day, the camp was hit by a thunderstorm and flooded while I was gone, Our equipment didnt fare so well... again


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