Typhoon Maemi - South Korea   September 12  2003

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Typhoon mayhem in South Korea....at least 112 dead and many missing, 1.4 million homes without power in Korea's most powerful storm since 1904



Typhoon Maemi approaching South Korea at 2330z on September 11 2003.
 Satellite image from The Joint Typhoon Warning Center

Read AFP / Yahoo news reports here

Typhoon Maemi slammed into the Korean Penninsula at around 9 pm on Friday, cutting power, phones, water etc to many places. Worst effected were towns and cities between Sasheon and Pusan. Winds exceeding 200kph and flash floods made filming hazardous. Myself and cameraman Joe Morgan filmed the chaos for an upcoming TV series. In Pusan monster waves tore up the waterfront area tossing about 30 large trucks around like toys, wrecked buildings, toppled container cranes and capsized a ship. 

Many thanks to Jim Edds and Simone Lussardi for providing updates on the typhoon's position....

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