Supertyphoon Krosa - Taiwan October 07 2007


Supertyphoon Krosa approaching Taiwan. - Satellite image from OSEI

A creek is blown backwards near Keelung

Going ballistic in Fulong township at the typhoons peak

We came across this truck which had blown over near Yilan, unfortunately the driver was dead

People trying to close a door in Fulong township

X marks our position when Krosa made landfall

Supertyphoon Krosa made landfall on Taiwan on Sunday Oct 07

None of my luggage arrived, so, the whole trip was a disaster and

filming opportunities were thus very limited

Thanks a lot Qantas...!

With me was fellow stormchaser James Reynolds,he arrived on a

dodgy Chinese airline so his luggage did arrive fine, on the up

side we managed to intercept the strongest part of the storm

easily thanks to the excellent tracking data and mobile

internet avaliable in Taiwan.

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