Hurricane  Isidore - Mexico    22 September 2002



Satellite image of Hurricane Isidore 2 hours before it hits Progresso and Merida on Mexico's Yucatan Penninsula on September 22,  2002

Selected tracking maps from the Joint Typhoon Warning Centre  of Hurricane Isidore tracking toward Mexico

Warning 09
Warning 17
Warning 23
Warning 27
Warning 31

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 My updates during the hurricane... 22 September, Merida.

Hurricane Isidore is passing over Merida and Progresso on Yucatan Penninsula right now, The eye has  just passed over Merida, damage is extensive, most roads are impassable with debris and fallen trees, I was in Progresso town when the strongest part of Isidore arrived, together with a National Geographic film crew we filmed some of the most violent storm action I have seen, winds gusting to 150mph (240kph) , we retreated when the sea started to inundate the town.

Updates via satellite phone only....most power and communications are still out and the hotel I am in was damaged. Hurricane Isidore roared through Progresso and Merida on Mexico's Yucatan Penninsula causing major and extensive damage, many buildings lost roofs, most roads were and still are blocked by fallen trees and power lines and the area has been declared a disaster zone, the military has been called in to assist. Several deaths were reported. Dramatic video of the hurricane was shot my myself and a National Geographic / Natural History New Zealand film crew (Rachael Wilson and Mark Whetu) accompanying me and filming the pilot for a TV show about my storm and volcano chasing adventures. 

Many thanks to stormchaser Jim Edds for his  updates....

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