Cyclone Heta - Samoa  January 04  2004


Cyclone Heta approaching Samoa at 1730z on 04 January  2004.
 Satellite image from The Joint Typhoon Warning Center

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Cyclone Heta's landfall on Nuie

Selected tracking maps and satellite images from the The Joint Typhoon Warning Center of Cyclone Heta passing over Samoa and Nuie.

Warning 12
Warning 15
Warning 17
Warning 20

Previous update from Samoa via satellite phone, power and phones still out  ..

The cyclone has passed Samoa, the main cause of damage on Upolu Island was from storm surge damaging roads and buildings close to the water and some flooding occured, in Apia structural damage is light but large numbers of trees and power poles are down and a ship has run aground in Apia Harbour. Cyclone Heta passed 60km closer to Savai'i Island so wind and storm surge damage will be worse.

Under construction ....Geoff Mackley  05 January 2004.

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