Supertyphoon Haitang - Taiwan  July 18  2005



Supertyphoon Haitang approaching Taiwan at 0825z on 17 July  2005. - Click on photo for larger image
 Satellite image from Operational Significant Event Imagery

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Selected tracking maps and satellite images from  The Joint Typhoon Warning Center  of Supertyphoon Haitang approaching landfall.
Warning 10
Warning 16
Warning 21
Warning 26 / 27

Typhoon Haitang arrived in Hualien at 7am Monday 18th, within minutes the streets were filled with airborne debris from 250k winds and soon after major flooding started....updates by satellite phone, all power and phone communications are down and all roads into and out of Hualien are cut..

Tuesday 19th... all roads into Hualien remain cut, a loader arrived at first light to clear the way for the trapped motorists in the tunnel but the road is covered in debris and car sized rocks to about half way up the power poles, this could take days to clear while some of the other roads will take weeks to repair as major flooding (above) is in progress throughout the area. Tonight I am in the nearby town of Taroko, staying with local residents.

Under construction ....  22 July 2005.

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