Supertyphoon Durian - Philippines November 30 2006


Supertyphoon Durian approaching the Philippines. - Satellite image from OSEI

Click on any image below to see the full sized image

Click on any image above to see the full sized image

  Durian passed over Naga City peaking at about 4pm local time. Those

on the streets when the peak winds arrived either fled for their lives

  or sheltered indoorways, people screamed as gusts unleashed masses

of flying and falling debris, large items often fell close to or on people,

 including me.. this storm would be one of the most powerful I have

experienced. The infrastructure is badly damaged all the way from

Naga City to Legazpi and there is major damage to buildings.

A volcanic mudflow from Mayon Volcano has then buried a number

 of villages, killing up to 2000 people, according to locals....

News websites are saying somewhere around 1000 dead so far.

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Selected tracking maps and satellite images from  The Joint Typhoon Warning Center  of Supertyphoon Durian approaching landfall.
Warning 01
Warning 14

Warning 15
Warning 19

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