Cotopaxi - Ecuador



Climbing up to the refuge on Cotopaxi 09 May 2001

Climbing back down through a crevasse field with the mother of all headaches in the pre dawn light, May 10th.

Cotopaxi   19,388 feet  (5,911 m)   An unsuccessful attempt was made on Cotopaxi overnight on 10 May 2001.
A climb of Cotopaxi was attempted at midnight on the 10 May after an overnight stay at the refuge at 4800 metres.
Symtoms of altitude sickness got  progressively worse until it was possible to only climb about ten steps between resting.
At about 5300 metres with vomiting and severe headache it was decided to go back down immediately. I had with me 3 guides from the
Parque Italia Guesthouse in Quito, Erich Lebenbauer, Edgar Vaca and Wellington Besantz. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend them if anyone is
planning to climb any of the high peaks in Ecuador.
Check out Erich's website at
It was disappointing not to summit but getting to the top is optional, getting back down is not.

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