Cyclone Ami  12 to 16 Jan 2003


Cyclone Ami approaching Tonga at 2032z on January 13 2003.
 Satellite image from NOAA

Selected tracking maps and satellite images from the The Joint Typhoon Warning Center of Cyclone Ami passing over Fiji and approaching Tonga.

Warning 01
Warning 02
Warning 03
Warning 04
Warning 05
Warning 06

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It wasnt possible to get to Fiji in time for Cyclone Ami so the next best place was Tonga, Cyclone Ami passed close to Tonga on the 14th January producing high seas, 180kph winds that peaked at about 2130hrs and did minor damage in Nuku'alofa apart from 2 ferries that ran aground in the harbour only metres apart, no one was hurt. The story in Fiji was different where Cyclone Ami did extensive damage to the island of Vanua Levu and killed 9 people.

Geoff Mackley  18 January 2003.

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