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      Date:  Saturday 20th April     3

      Location:  Auckland - New Zealand



      GMT Time:   (zulu)  



Ex Cyclone Ita update, flooding in New Zealand





Cyclone Ita - Queensland - Australia

(Click on either photo below for the Cyclone ita archive page)


As we prepare to go back to Ambrym in May for another expedition here is another video of the January 2014 Expedition


Busy night for Auckland firefighters


Heavy rain and surface flooding in Onehunga, Auckland,    followed 2 hrs later by a 3 Alarm fire, also in Onehunga.


Polar explorers Geoff Mackley and Bradley Ambrose braving the -51 temps in Oymyakon - Siberia - Russian Federation

14th to 19th March 2014

It is so cold here the flag has frozen solid and can be held up like a wooden board.

The real Ice Road Truckers, Yakutia, Siberia, Russia

Even ice 2 metres thick wasnt enough to prevent this truck breaking through, it is so cold here the ice re froze instantly

locking the truck in a frozen grip until thaw, when it will sink to the bottom.  Lena River,  Yakutsk.

Driving a 40 tonne load across the Lena River, Yakutsk, 5kms wide and ice frozen to 2 metres thick

The highest quality volcano video ever shot - Marum lava lake on Red Dragon 6K


25 years of Geoff Mackley adventures in 2 minutes


Stunning view from our campsite at Marum Volcano, Ambrym, on a rare clear night

Doing it easy ascending with the Actsafe PME power ascender.....

Cover story.. Red Bulletin magazine worldwide    March 2013

"The hottest adventurers on the planet"

Lava enters the ocean at Kalapana, Hawaii, on Monday 11 Feb

"The greatest show on earth"


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Filming for the TV series "Masters of Nature" Friday 8 Feb,  in Kona, Hawaii.

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White Island Volcano activity in New Zealand 1st Feb  2013


KA942 Steam excursion Sept 2011 photo and video page  click here




climbing down to within 30 metres of the lava it was so hot (1150 degrees) that without protection we could

stand the heat for 6 seconds before retreating, with heat suit and BA I was able to stand it for 40 minutes.



RIP Phil Cotter  "shags"  who died on Friday 26 August 2011 when his helicopter crashed while working on Malakula Island in Vanuatu. Phil has

 been involved in every expedition we have made to Vanuatu for the last 14 years and was a truly brilliant pilot. His loss will be greatly missed.

Click here for more photos and video of Phil

Awesome zipline across a canyon in Vanuatu - click for photos and video !


Snow event  Arthurs Pass  South Island  New Zealand  Additional images - Archive page.. click here

Train video goes viral, over 1.100 000 views on You Tube in 3 days as well as the usual rampant theft of the footage !


MAN truck fun in the South Island high country   (click for more photos)


 Other Recent events

Japan earthquake and tsunami  11 March  2011


Click on any photo to go to the full Japan quake and tsunami photo gallery

22 Feb  2011    Christchurch earthquake  New Zealand


***click for photo gallery***

Amazing video as 2 fishing vessels brave the flooded Greymouth River bar in New Zealand


Solar powered railway trolley tested before being taken overseas to abandoned railways


2 years in the making and a lifetime of crazy adventures..

"In Extreme Danger" takes you into the path of natures fury, hurricanes, floods, earthquake, tsunami,

volcanoes, tornadoes,  with over 200 photographs taken over a 20 year period....

Afghanistan....beautiful, vast, ancient, dangerous

Click on any image above for all the Afghanistan photos 

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